Adult’s Action, Reaction, and Retaliation

 Yeatoe Are you retaliating to someone’s reaction to your action? Reacting to someone’s action or simply just in an unpleasant mood? We have to ask ourselves these questions when we are mad at someone, when a person is mad at us or when we can’t figure out if we are mad or not? 

Action is defined as something done or performed; act; deed (

Reaction is defined as action in response to some influence, event; a reverse movement or tendency; or an action in a reverse direction or manner (

Retaliation is to requite or make return for (a wrong or injury) with the like (

On many occasions, we are faced with a particular challenge that shakes our core such as an action from someone that may lead us to respond in a negative manner. In other circumstances, we may also find ourselves retaliating to someone’s response to our actions. None described is right because having a forgiving heart is the answer. However, in this journey called life, where we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, we need to take blame for our wrongs and try to right them. If you are the offender, don’t add “salt to a sore” by retaliating to someone’s action to your ill will in the first place. Rather, put on your “My fault” t-shirt and make things right. Life is a circle. You have no idea when you may need that person, where you’ll meet said person or what you may have introduced (mistrust, hate, anger etc) to someone’s heart with your actions. 

Now, if we are in an unpleasant mood for no reason, we’ll need another blog post to address it (prayers up as we do find ourselves having “bad days”, which should never be in the first place as the Bible says (“This is the day the Lord has made and we shall rejoice and be glad in it”). On the other hand, if we find yourselves with the guilty horn in how you may have made someone feel, take the blame and resolve the issues. Don’t take the mightier than I route and retaliate with hurtful words, spreading of rumors, lies, or throw hints like an immature brat. Just saying, Forgiveness is always important, but asking for one is also important.


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